Can Be Used In Combination with Individual Treatment

Group Treatment For Selective Mutism

girls writingGroup treatment for Selective Mutism is offered in the clinic for children and teens who are looking to reach new talking goals with same-aged peers and therapist support. The format of the group reflects challenging parts of the daycare/school day, including both structured and unstructured activities. Challenging seasonal activities, such as lemonade stands, trick-or-treating, or school performances are also incorporated. It is a great opportunity to practice new skills in a safe space where every group member understands what your child/teen is going through. Parents also have the unique opportunity to connect with other families working through similar challenges.

Preschoolers have the opportunity to practice a range of daycare/preschool activities including morning meetings/circle time, singing songs with a group, participating in group activities, and free time to practice approaching peers and engaging in unstructured activities.

School-age children will additionally practice show-and-tell, paired activities (e.g., science experiments) and group projects (e.g., creating a seasonal play or talent show to present to family members).

Tweens/teens are provided opportunities to connect with peers and practice a range of social skills through games. They are supported and encouraged to ask questions to their peers, answer when ‘called on’ in front of peers, jump in to group discussions, and share information. They also practice presenting to the group and taking questions.

Between 3 to 18 Years Old


Group treatment is available for children and teens between 3-18 years-old with symptoms of selective mutism and/or social anxiety. These skills groups are appropriate for those new to treatment and those who have already reached some of their talking goals but who want support to keep practicing their new skills and set new goals.

These groups are also for parents! A parent meeting runs concurrently to the child/teen group at each group session. Parents are provided information about Selective Mutism and are provided strategies for supporting their child outside of the office. Parents are also asked to practice their new skills by supporting their child during a small presentation where they can be provided therapist support and feedback. Finally, parents meet with their child for part of the group session in order to review previous goals and set new goals for between group sessions. Parent involvement is key to overall success in treatment!

Winter-Spring or Fall


Group sessions run August-May for a total of 10 sessions in the school year. A commitment to the 5 fall sessions (August-December) and/or 5 winter/spring sessions (January-May) is required.

​Groups typically occur on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm. The exact dates and time depend on the age group. Please email the clinic for more details on upcoming groups:

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