ChildForward Inc.

When: August 19-23, 2022. Lead-in sessions will be scheduled the week prior to camp.

Where: Suite 300- 4515 Bow Trail SW, Calgary AB

Time: 9am-2pm 

Ages: 8-12 years-old

Contact: or call 825-449-7030

Program Director: Dr. Andrea Bliss


*To prepare for the new school year by practicing talking goals in many situations with same-aged peers

*To build confidence for social and school situations where talking is expected

* To have support facing common challenges for older children with Selective Mutism, such as jumping into group activities, approaching others, having back-and-forth conversations with peers, participating in a group conversation, and presenting in front of others. Activities reflect challenging parts of the school day, including both structured activities (e.g., presenting, class discussions, group projects) and unstructured activities. Field trips and fun summer activities with peers can also be expected each day!

*To practice talking to new adults, new peers, and have some fun!

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